Hendred Vineyard


Hendred vineyard is on the sloping ground to the West of the village of East Hendred. One of the spring line villages that sit just below the Downs in the Vale of the White horse Oxfordshire, England.

Originally planted in 1972 with approximately 1800 Reichsteiner vines and extended to cover three acres in 1976. In 1978 a small winery was established and wine began to be made on the premises.

The existing vineyard was planted further down the site starting in 1992 and was finally completed in 1996. There are two varieties: Madeleine Augevine and Seyval Blanc (Seyve - Villand 5/276) planted in equal numbers approximately 6000 in all over two acres. The Madeleine is a German hybrid that produces a grape with a slightly Muscat flavour and is inclined to flower late but is ready to harvest early. Seyval, a French hybrid, suits English conditions better than any other variety. It creeps well and is milldew resistant.


  A slightly modified version of double Gryot training and cane prune is used.

The present winery is slightly more sophisticated than its predecessor but by no means "state of the art." The Wilmes press is simple but effective and the original fibre glass tubes are used which have stainless steel plate and cartridge filters. A small bottling line completes the operation.

Wine is available to purchase in single bottles or by the case and vineyard visits can be arranged by appointment.

Hendred Vineyard
East Hendred
OX12 8HR