Snowman Competition 2010!

On Wednesday 6th January we were not dissapointed to find that Hendred had snow as this meant that we could hold our 2nd Annual Snowman Competition!

There was stiff competition this year. It was a lovely afternoon, chocolates and
(for the Adults only) Ginger Wine was supplied by the ladies of
East Hendred Entertains - who also supplied the prize money.

At one point there were more people on Dancing Hill than the rest of
East Hendred, but a huge amount of fun was had by all, there was a
wonderful atmosphere and it was great to see all the children
(some a little taller and older than the others) coming together to
create such wonderful artwork for us all to enjoy.... until they melt!

Photographs of the winners were taken by Sylvia Cox,
other photographs by Sonia Roberts

The Snowmen

Winner 1 - Percyfull Penguin, by Ruben, Susanna & Charlotte

Winner 2 - Norman, by Liam, Owen, Zak and Loren

Winner 3 - Snow (Hedge) Hog, by Neighbours of Dukes Orchard

Ivy, by The Simmons Family

Snow White and the Seven Snow Dwarfs, by Chloe and Val Prior

The Mermaid, by the Archer Family

Sisters Having a Picnic,by Gemma and Rebecca Bufton

The Little Timber Framed House, by Stephen and Anna

Wildfred and Snowy, by Hattie Young and Sophie Roberts

Henry The Hendred Snowman, by the Mercedes Family

Tick Tock The Croc, by Vanessa Prior, Amelia Hendy and Chloe Prior

Two Horses, by Mel and Henry Saddington-Poole

Murphy The Snowman, by Libby and Family

The Dog, by The Family at Mafraq

Tiny The Snowman, by Oliver Bishop

My First Snowman, by Mohammed Kendaal

The Gang!